NOPTIS Maintenance Organization

The Nordic Public Transport Interface Standard initiative taken by the four major public transportation authorities: Movia, Skånetrafiken, Storstockholms Lokaltrafik and Västtrafik ecouraged by Swedish Transport Association (SLTF) and Swedich Bus & Coach Federation (BR).

The objective is to enhance the efficiency and economics of traffic information systems integration to offer the level of service the public transportation traveller will demand in the future.

The NOPTIS-standards support the interconnection of subsystems within a traffic information system including planning systems, schedule databases, GIS-systems, realtime vehicle reporting systems, traveller information systems, travel-planning systems etc.

The NOPTIS organisation is formed to facilitate the use of the interfaces and to control future developments of the protocol.

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The Maintenance Organization Reference Group

To ensure the validity of the standards and to spread it as widely as possible, a Reference Group has been formed. The Reference Group include representatives for authorities and relevant interest organisations like Vägverket, SLTF and BR.

The Maintenance Organization Expert Group

The NOPTIS is kept “state of the art” by cooperating with expertise within the vendors supporting the interfaces. The expertise is facilitated by a the NOPTIS System Management Group to not only to keep the functionality on a high level but also to ensure the compatibility and consistency to the traffic information systems of the public transport authorities. In this way the development of the interfaces will be optimized to suit the travellers service demands.


The development of the NOPTIS interfaces is made in close cooperation between the public transport authorities and the vendors of traffic information systems. There is a NOPTIS Maintenance Organization created to manage development and longevity of the interfaces to ensure functionality and consistency. The NOPTIS organisation is also working actively, through its members, to promote and spread the usage of the interfaces according to the following objectives:

  • Include real world experience into the development of the interfaces
  • Facilitate close cooperation among the public transport authorities within the organization and the vendors supporting NOPTIS.
  • Encourage as many vendors to implement the interfaces for their respective products
  • Involve other parties within the public transportation sector


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There is a universal truth: “One size does not fit all”. This is also true for traffic information system interfaces. The five interfaces within the suite are tailored to fit the functionally different kind of data flowing within a system without unnecessary overhead.

POSROI Interface

With POSition Real-time Output Interface (POSROI) it is possible for client applications to receive current vehicle positions combined with real time data from the public transport operation.

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APCRDA Interface

With APCRDA it is possible to let other applications get access to data concerning recorded APC data collected through the NOPTIS VSI interface.

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Vehicle System Interface 3.0

Version 3.0 of the NOPTIS Vehicle System Interface (VSI) has now been released.

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